This is a comprehensive and authoritative textbook that provides an
accessible account of attachment concepts. Attachment is at the heart of family
life and at the heart of foster care and adoption. This book traces the
pathways of secure and insecure patterns of attachment, from birth to
adulthood, exploring the impact of past experiences of abuse, neglect and
separation on children’s behaviour in foster and adoptive families. It
explains, from an attachment perspective, the dimensions of parenting that are
associated with helping children to feel more secure and fulfil their potential
in the family, with peers, at school and in the community. It also tackles the
key role that «keeping attachment in mind» can play in a range of areas of
family placement practice, including contact. This book will be an
indispensable resource for all those seeking to ensure that children in need of
family care get the very best experience possible, and that foster carers and
adoptive parents get the support they need and deserve.

Forfattere: Gillian Schofield og Mary Beek
Forlag: CoramBAAF
ISBN: 9781903699966

Språk: engelsk